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Whether for Building Management Systems, HVAC control systems, energy monitoring and reduction projects, service and maintenance support, or engineering and auditing services, our focus is on client requirements, rather than the more traditional product-centric approach.


Building Management Systems

2070Revenue growth in the building automation market has been a key driver for the company over the last decade. In 1997, the company began installing, engineering and commissioning the Innotech digital control products. As the company’s knowledge base improved, key partnerships were formed with building automation suppliers, including Honeywell (1999) and Schneider (2007)

In 2012-13, Schneider Electric released the SmartStruxureTM automation solution to the market.  These highly integrated, new generation products were incorporated into the StruxureWareTM energy and data software suite, and represented a significant global R&D investment by Schneider.  Concurrently, Schneider undertook a radical transformation of its distribution and partner channels, responding to the market’s demand for high-end, competitive and open building automation systems.  Greenstar were proud to be offered full access to the products on the basis of its experience, capability and capacity.  On the back of the value offering that this platform represented, Greenstar invested heavily in training and familiarisation on the SmartStruxureTM platform, and these products have become the preferred offering in Greenstar’s building automation and energy optimisation projects.  Importantly, Schneider’s innovative channel partner arrangements allowed Greenstar to enjoy the support and backing of a market leader, while maintaining its independence and flexibility – a matter of critical importance to our clients.

242985Greenstar is also an accredited Honeywell installer and Honeywell Building Construction Industry (BCI) partner, allowing us to supply, install and engineer Honeywell building controls with full factory support.  Greenstar is part of the SI (system integrators) group developed by Honeywell Australia and is a leading Australian installer of the WEBsAX series of Niagara controllers and the company enjoys a strong relationship with Honeywell as a result.

Access to the above high-end solutions, along with strong relationships with, and local back-end support from these two anchor automation suppliers, allows Greenstar to undertake large scale projects with confidence while remaining adaptable and competitive on smaller projects.

Energy Management

Greenstar’s experience in energy reduction projects along with our engineering and technical capabilities make energy management a natural fit for our business.  From the office- with our engineering and technical capability, to the field- with our experience in energy measurement, VFDs, BMS and data collection- Greenstar provides a complete and integrated energy package to our clients.

Through our StruxtureWare and Periscope offerings, we offer scalable energy solutions from single buildings to enterprise level portfolios. Keeping abreast of new technologies and innovations in an ever changing energy environment ensures best-practice bespoke solutions for our clients.






Building Tuning

2004_aBuilding tuning and BMS re-commissioning has evolved as one of the key tools of energy management in commercial buildings.

Greenstar has worked alongside key players in this area for a number of years, helping to achieve significant improvements in building performance.

Service & Maintenance

20382036 (2)Greenstar’s dedicated Service and Maintenance Team provide 24-7 support for our clients, from BMS preventative and comprehensive maintenance contracts, to responding to control system and mechanical-electrical breakdowns.  The technical capabilities of our Service Team offer security and re-assurance to our clients – able to  solve issues quickly and efficiently across the BMS/mech-elec divide.

Mechanical Electrical Installations


Sales of mechanical-electrical services remain a strong focus of the company’s endeavours.  Greenstar has long recognised the synergies that result in offering combined mechanical-electrical and building automation services and believes it represents a true market advantage.  A key to success in this market is through providing clients with specialist electrical skills in what is effectively a subset of the wider electrical services sector.  The company’s ability to retain staff has allowed for a substantial build-up of technical expertise in the area, and this remains a critical component of Greenstar’s strong sales results.

Switchboards & Motor Control Centres


Greenstar’s in-house switchboard and panel building shop supplements the mechanical-electrical and automation areas of the business and provides a key market advantage and allows Greenstar to offer full service offerings to clients.  The company has a dedicated switchboard and panel building staff for the design, construction and testing of Forms 1, 2 and 3 LV (1kV) switchboards and panels to 1000 amps.  Production includes mechanical services switchboards (MCCs), LV distribution Boards and Main Switch Boards as well as providing automation panels for BMS projects.  MCCs are often produced with our integrated automation controls providing a further advantage over competitors’ offerings.

HVAC Control & Electrical Products


Greenstar support our clients through providing timely and quality product to meet their service needs. Our products team offers clients a level of technical assistance with product selection often unavailable through other distribution networks.

Having a broad range of products available allows Greenstar to find the right product for the application, rather than making the application fit the product.

Our longevity in the market and the loyalty of our clients discourages short-termism – we look beyond warranty and defect liability periods when selecting products for our clients.

Thus our preference is always for proven, well supported products that will stand the test of time.















open solutions

Ensuring choice for our clients requires more than employing “open” communications protocols.

Greenstar have consistently promoted open approaches to building controls and Building Management Systems, eschewing the industry practice of using proprietary systems, licensing and other anti-competitive approaches to maintain clients or contracts.

Ultimately, our clients look for solutions that allow them to expand, upgrade and maintain their building management systems in a competitive environment and Greenstar utilises technologies that offer our clients access to alternative service providers capable of installing and maintaining the product.

Finally, we believe openness extends to transparency. Our philosophy is one of providing the best and most accurate information to the client allowing their decisions to properly reflect their needs.